While Trump & His Republicans Lied, Americans died!
What use is a government that cannot defend its citizens?

Vote From Home in November !
Apply for a Mail-in Ballot Today.

Mail-in Ballots are new this year and allow any registered voter to vote by mail, in both the spring primary and the fall general elections. This is different from Absentee Ballots which are intended for voters who would be out of town or for medical issues and are limited to one election.

Mail-in Ballots are safer and more convenient. And now with COVID-19, some polling places may be consolidated due to a shortage of volunteers. This will cause confusion and longer lines at the polls.

And it is easy:

* While October 27th is the official deadline to apply for the Nov. 3 election, it can take two or more weeks to get the ballot. Make October 1 your application deadline. Even better do it Today!!

* You can find more info on the PA Dems Voting Center website.

* To learn how to register to vote, watch this video.

* Mail-in ballots start going out late Sept to early October.

* When you receive your ballot, watch the following video on how to fill it out and return it. Follow these directions carefully to avoid having your ballot disqualified. Click here.

* Just in: Your ballot will not be disqualified if your signature does not exactly match your voter registration signature. Also, your ballot must be postmarked by 8 pm November 3 and received by the county clerk by 5pm November 6. (Please, please send it in as soon as possible. PA is a toss up state and every vote is critical.)

* If you applied and received a mail-in ballot but do not want to use it, you can take your COMPLETE ballot packet with you to your polling place and tell the Judge of Elections you now prefer to vote in person. The complete ballot packet consists of the ballot, the secrecy envelope and the mail envelope. The Judge will mark your mail-in ballot void and give you a regular, in-person, ballot.

* If you have immediate concerns about the mail-in ballot or voting in general please contact the PADEMS Hotline at 1-833-728-6837.

Or check out the PA Dems Voter Frequently Asked Questions. Click here.

Do Your Share to Get Out the Vote!!

If you would like a yard sign or to volunteer making calls or canvassing your neighborhood, please contact Linda Wood or Kathi Ember.

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Remember the Forgotten

Meet Our Democratic Candidates.
Show your Support - Vote!

Below is a list of Democratic candidates in Pennsylvania General election in the Fall of 2020. For local offices we have only listed those running for office in Northern Berks Co.


U.S. House of Rep., PA-6

U.S. House of Rep., PA-9

Pennsylvania Attorney General

Pennsylvania Treasurer

Pennsylvania Auditor

Pennsylvania Senate - 11th Senate Dist.

Pennsylvania House - 5th Dist.

Pennsylvania House - 124th Dist.

Pennsylvania House - 130th Dist.

Pennsylvania House - 134th Dist.

Pennsylvania House - 187th Dist.

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