Trump Incites Violence to Try to Thwart Election Certification.
Congress Perseveres and Certifies Biden/Kamala Win!!

Dems Turned Berks County
from Deep Red to Pink.

Thank you to all our volunteers! Thanks for all the phone calls you made, for all the post cards mailed, for all the flyers dropped off, for all the doors knocked, for all the neighbors you talked to, for all the rallies you particiapated in and all the moneys donated!!! Thanks again and again.

Although at times it seems like a fruitless task, we have helped to create change. The map above now shows Berks County a bright gleaming spot of pink. In 2016 Berks County was lost in a sea of dark red counties that strongly supported Trump (10+ points). This year the Trump support was reduced by 5 points. That is an achievement to be pround of and to build on. We are in the pink.

However, we cannot rest. While Biden's win is a great victory, the hard part is now before us. The Republican party will do everything in its power to sabotage Biden and our democracy. We must not let them steal it away from us.

You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no results. - Mohandas Gandhi

Can You Picture Yourself
Running for Municipal Office in 2021?

2021 is a year when Municipal Elections will be held. Positions include: Township Supervisor, Borough officials, School board officers, and county row offices will be on the ballot. These positions have the most direct effect on our lives and we need good candidates to fill them. Nominating petitions will be available in February. Click here for a coomplete list of election deadlines.

If you or someone you know are willing to run for office we can help you. Contact Linda Wood at for more information.

Before the Vaccine Arrives,
Protect Your Family And Friends.

PA Republicans Seek Amendment
To Change Judicial Elections

The Republican led legislature has steamrolled legislation to allow a constutional amendment changing how Supreme Court, Superior Court and Commonwealth Court Justices are elected. This constitutional change must pass a referendum, which could be as soon as the 2021 spring elections. No public comment has been allowed on it. Below is summary of it. There is more information on this by clicking here and a League of Women Voters video here.

"Currently, supreme court justices are initially chosen in statewide election and, after serving for 10 years, stand unopposed in up or down retention elections. Under H.B. 38, current supreme court justices would be required to run for reelection in one of the new judicial districts created by the legislature. The bill imposes no restrictions on the ability of the legislature to draw or redraw judicial districts, and it gives the legislature a say in the timing of the state’s transition to district-based elections. That means judicial districts would be vulnerable to partisan manipulation, and that a legislative majority could structure the state’s transition to district-based elections to do maximum harm to justices they disfavor.

Incredibly, the new rules under the bill could make it impossible for a justice to run for reelection when his or her term is up. All the legislature would have to do is draw a new judicial district that the justice does not live in. As the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center pointed out, a Democratic justice from Philadelphia is up for retention in 2025, and under H.B. 38, the legislature could force him to move shat he/she could run for reelection in a new judicial district hundreds of miles away."

Help Stop Maxatawny Warehouses

Imagine driving west into Kutztown on SR Route 222 and when you get to where the Arby’s and Valentino’s are located off to your right you see two giant truck warehouses nearly 50-feet high. You’ll have plenty of time to look: the proposed out-of-town Duke Realty warehouses will add nearly 2,000 daily truck trips and more than 5,000 daily car/small truck trips to an already congested traffic area, destroy wetlands, create unsafe air pollution and use 56,000 gallons of water per day from proposed wells.

The Maxatawny Community Coalition needs your support to stop or alter this development into something that won’t destroy our community and invite more warehouses in the future. For a summary of our concerns click here. Or contact us at

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