Our March 15 meeting has
been cancelled.

Our next meeting is scheduled for April 19 at 6 pm. This will be a regular meeting at St. Barnabas Church with potluck dinner.

More details will be available on our Facebook page.

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The Primary election is on April 28, which much earlier this year. This wont leave us much time to plan our Get Out the Vote strategy. If Democrats dont come out strong, our hard working candidates will lose.

Thoughtful Profiles of Our Democratic Presidential Candidates

Vox.com provides thoughtful political commentary and is in the process of writing a series articles that make the case for each Democratic candidate running for President. They have published the first two. We'll post additional links as they become available. Click below to access the articles.

Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden

Tuesdays With Toomey
The Jury Refused to Hear Witnesses!

The Senate impeachment trial of President Trump is done without hearing witnesses and making a mockery of democracy. We need to protest Senator Pat Toomey's cowardice in voting to suppress the testimony of witnesses who were there and with pertinent information! Join us at his offices to keep the pressure on him.

We must keep reminding Toomey of his constitutional duty as our representative in Congress, of the role of Congress in government, of the need for witnesses in a fair trial, and of his oath of juror impartiality at the Senate impeachment trial. Time and time the Republican Congressmen have surrendered Congress's role in keeping the Presidency in check.

Where: The usual spot...on the grounds of Senator Toomey’s Allentown office located at 1150 S. Cedar Crest Blvd #101, Allentown, PA 18103. It goes from Noon to 1:00 PM, but try to come early if you can.

Billboards Project Has Begun
Contribute Now!

Jane Beck of the BCDC is spearheading another billboard project with the goal of putting up several Democratic billboards before the 2020 election. We are helping her out and looking for ideas on locations as well as design concepts. If you can help, email Jane. Donations are also being accepted. Checks should be made out to the Berks County Democratic Committee and sent to:

Jane Beck
855 Kurtz Mill Rd.
Mohnton, PA 19540

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